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Killa Mini Banana Ice


How do you feel about light fragrances?
Do you like the combination of exotic sensations and coolness?

We are sure yes!

That is why we recommend that you try Killa Mini Banana Ice😍

🍌🥶Killa Banana Ice is one of the most famous products in the Mini line.
It gives a slight freshness and a slight sweet aftertaste.
Usually girls and beginners prefer this taste,
but often heavy smokers also like Killa Mini.
This helps them defuse their emotions or just play with the sensations.

In general, if you don’t know which Killa to choose,
try Killa Mini Banana Ice. Possibly it will become your favorite nicotine pouches😊

Portion size: 0,5g
Nicotine: 16mg/1gram
Nicotine per portion: 8mg
Portions per can: 30 pc

Killa Mini Banana Ice known and recognized for it’s KILLA flavors, KILLA taste & KILLA good nicotine kick one simply can not resist.

Our bestseller and the most popular product that over years, has earned customers’ trust, recognition and preference on the worldwide nicotine pouches market. Because Killa Mini Banana Ice knows how to do it.

How to use Nicopods

Time of action 5-30min A plate for resorption, on a plant-based basis, to fight smoking habit, is not a medicine.

Do not consume: Persons under the age of 18, pregnant and people with high sensitivity to nicotine.

Use: lay behind the upper lip for 5-30 minutes.

Then spit it out without swallowing.

Use no more than one sachet for 2 hours.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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